Mariachi Entertainment System


We are based out of San Antonio, TX. We are committed to using mariachi instrumentation to explore different genres of music; mostly video game music. MES has become a family of musicians working hard to bring a different style to the music of our childhoods.


DoctorOrtiz - Arranger, Trumpet

D00MSDAY - Vihuela, Flute

Lotus Blossom - Violin

Adrian The Mexican Viking Son of Jalba of The River - Guitarrón

Gilberto Martinez - Vihuela, Guitar

Roberto Sabor - Violin

Amy Rabago - Violin

Alfredo Rabago - Violin

Eric "El Chicles" Cervera - Violin

Jesus "Chuy" Guerra - Trumpet

Captain Mandi Lozano - Guitarrón

Alana "Ms. Wednesday" Urbano - Flute